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National Association of Canine Scent Work

CEU Submission and Re-Certification

Please note that we have transitioned to a new process for CEU and fee submission. Please read the following instructions carefully.

A blank CEU form may be downloaded by clicking here. A list of courses and activities eligible for CEUs can be downloaded by clicking here

If you would like to request a deadline extension due to personal circumstances, please fill out this form.

If you have general questions about your CNWI status please email


Active Instructors with an UPCOMING re-certification date
Active instructors who have already received a re-certification fee invoice: 

• Submit 24 CEUs by uploading your CEU forms and pertinent material to the Files section of your Instructor Portal at: If you have technical issues with logging into the system please email If the File upload feature in your Instructor Portal does not work, please email your CEU forms to

• Pay your re-certification fee of $75.00 via the Paypal invoice you received or will receive via email approximately 60 days before your due date.

• Certification will be for 2 years from this most recent re-certification/due date. Example: if you are due to re-certify on 5/1/2019, then your next re-certification/due date will become 5/1/2021, at which time $75.00 and 24 CEUs will be due.


Lapsed Instructors with a PAST re-certification date:

* Please follow instructions for submitting CEUs and re-certification fee here.

• If you have questions, please contact us at so we can help you get your status up to date.




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