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Penny-Scott Fox, CPDT, Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI)


Penny Scott-Fox is one of the original seven founding instructors (CNWI) who helped popularize the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work in Southern California . At her Altadena , CA dog training school, Scott-Fox Training, Penny teaches nose work teams for all levels of competition. Her business has also hosted Odor Recognition Tests as well as sanctioned K9 Nose Work trials. Penny is an avid nose work competitor who started training with Harry the Beauceron who tragically died days before the inaugural K9 Nose Work trial in 2008. Harry is now memorialized as each NW1 trial honors his enthusiasm by awarding a rescue dog and handler team the “Harry Award”. Penny’s current nose work partner is Turner, the peppy Flat-Coated Retriever, who was the second dog to get her NW3 title. She now holds the coverted NW3 Elite - the highest achievment possible in K9 Nose Work and gives the Border Collies a run for their money in agility. When not teaching nose work, Penny conducts behavior consultations and dog training classes for puppies and dogs in pet manners, obedience, agility, Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog certification preparation. The cornerstone of Scott-Fox Training’s methodology focuses on building a relationship between owners and their dogs.

As one of the nation’s most respected dog behavior specialists, Penny is an accomplished speaker and has lectured around the country for Emily Weiss Consulting on the SAFER behavior assessment for dogs in animal shelters. Penny worked for the Pasadena Humane Society in Pasadena , California for twelve years and has extensive experience training shelter dogs and evaluating their behaviors. She has developed several behavior modification programs for dogs and cats in the shelter and rescue environment. Her successful techniques have been covered by media outlets around the world, including: the Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox, French television, Japanese radio, the Los Angeles Times, and People magazine of Australia. Penny is a Fellow of the Pet Behavior Institute, Durham, England.




Want to become a certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor? 

Only the most passionate, talented, and knowledgeable people become Certified Nose Work Instructors (CNWI). The certification program teaches candidates the philosophy, concepts, and training methodology for the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work®.


Graduates of the certification program will have dedicated 1-2 years on average to the study of K9 Nose Work®, attending courses and lectures, and logging over 75 hours of training and teaching. All Certified Nose Work Instructors have demonstrated the skills necessary to train a dog and handle it in competition, as well as the ability to teach other dogs and handlers the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® from beginning level to advanced. 


Put your passion, talent, and knowledge to use as a CNWI teaching official K9 Nose Work® classes! For information on how you can get started in the instructor certification program, Contact Us.