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K9 Nose Work Instructor Certification Program Requirements

National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC®
TM Program Submission Guidelines

Prospective instructors are required to submit materials during the course of the certification process. Instructors have two years from Day 1 of their segment 1 course date to complete the certification requirements. The 8-day course may be completed before all other materials have been submitted.

Note: Instructors that are likely to complete the requirements before the last day of the course should submit all materials at least 8 weeks before day 8 of the course. (However, the order in which materials are received will directly affect which materials receive priority review. There is no guarantee that review and approval will be completed before the posted date, as instructors may be also required to submit additional video or information.)

Materials for Submission:
(see complete descriptions and specifications below)

1. Résumé
2. ANWI Status Update
3. Video
4. Instructor Evaluations from your students
(Online evaluation is prefereed. For paper evaluation, please use the 2-page form titled Instructor Evaluation Form; do not use the 1-page form titled Student Evaluation Form.)
5. Training/Hours Log (can include pre-course activity; details must be included)
6. ORT

Prospective instructors should use the guidelines below for submission of required materials. NOTE: Preferred method of submissions is electronic/online.

All submissions should be made within your Instructor Portal in the online Instructor Education website (

Questions about course requirements and submissions should be addressed to:

Emails with general questions regarding the instructor course should go to:

For those of you who are unable to submit the requirements electronically, all physical mail correspondence should go to:

17216 Saticoy Street Suite 350 Van Nuys, CA 91406


1. Résumé or Bio

DUE: Must be received electronically before 1st day of instructor course.

Please enter into your online Instructor Portal Biography section your résumé that describes your background information, including any non-dog-related background. You may also upload a file to the Files section and type the name of your document in the Biography text area. Your bio should include the following types of information:

  • Professional or affiliated canine experience
    • Dog training and/or instruction (class instruction preferred)
    • Behavior modification experience
    • Shelter dog or private rescue organization experience
    • Veterinary experience (behavior specialty preferred, but not required)
  • Non-canine animal experience
    • Animal Training
    • Research
  • Non-animal related teaching, training or instruction experience
  • Non-animal related work experience (e.g. accounting, management, etc.)
  • Educational background
    • High School specialty if related field
    • College or university
    • Professional certifications
    • Workshops/Seminars/Continuing Education
    • Any other pertinent information

For those submitting a Word document or PDF via email to, please submit the email with the following subject line:

Name, Résumé, Course Location and Date

(Example: Mary Smith, Résumé, Pasadena May 2017)


2. ANWI Listing

You will be eligible for the ANWI title after you have completed the following:

  • Days 1- 4 of the 8-day instructor course

  • Midterm exam

  • You have started teaching or have taught an Intro to K9 Nose Work© class or led a practice group

Once you have completed the above requirements, your status will be updated in the Instructor Education website. If you notice that your status has not been updated to ANWI status, please email to request an update. Please also update your business information in your Instructor Portal and check the option to be included in Instructor Searches if you wouldl ike to be included.

Please send emails regarding your ANWI status with the following subject line:

Name, ANWI Status Update (Example: Mary Smith, ANWI Status Update)


3. Video of classes

Via Instructor Portal:
Please enter the URLs of your YouTube video or videos into the Video section of the Requirements Submissions tab. Your Youtube  videos should be set as “Unlisted” (not “Private”) under Basic Info settings. 

Via Email:
Please upload your video or videos to Youtube and set the videos as “Unlisted” (not “Private”) under Basic Info settings. Email the link(s) to

Please submit the email with the following subject line:

Name, Video (Example: Mary Smith, Video)

Via Mail:
Please put your video file(s) on a flash/USB drive and mail to the Saticoy address. Accepted videos file formats or .mp4.

DVDs and CDs will not be accepted. Please be sure to label the flash drive with your First and Last Name.

Video Content:
Instructors should submit sample video of their classes, practice group, and/or shelter dog sessions.

Required video classes: Intro to Nose Work, Intro to Odor, Vehicles and Exteriors

(They do not need to be in that order as some may teach vehicles and exteriors with primary reward, or may be a combination class. However, the skills of each element should be demonstrated.) You may create one large edited video of all 4 classes, or you may submit separate shorter videos of each of the 4 classes. The total time of all video(s) should not exceed 20 minutes.

You should aim to video at least two types of dogs per class. (Example: One run of the Maltese and one run of the German Shepherd on day one of Intro to Nose Work.) The video should be comprised of a couple of runs, like the example provided and should sample Intro to Nose Work, Exteriors, Vehicles and Intro to Odor. Ideally, video should also include narration by the prospective instructor (coaching a team or instructing a group). Also, we would like to see the set up of the dogs that are between runs (i.e. crating area).

What are we looking for?

  • Dogs appear to be working independently

  • Verbal instructions are given in a coherent manner

  • That hide placement supports the learning goal for that lesson

  • That the setup of the training space meets minimal requirements for safety and

    learning and can be seen on video

  • Coaching of dog and/or handler through a difficult situation

  • We do not need to see your best dogs. We are more interested in seeing how you instruct and coach different types of dogs with different styles and/or difficulties.

After reviewing your initial submissions, we may request additional footage, more class examples, or a video review of your teaching location.

Note: If you are co-instructing and both instructors are in the CNWI program at the same time, you may submit the same video clips of dogs, but each instructor must submit video where they individually appear to lead or coach the different levels. We want to have a feel for the teaching style of each instructor.


4. Instructor Evaluations (by Students)

We need a minimum of 4 evaluations from each of the following classes (total 8):

  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work®

  • Introduction to Odor

Via Webform (preferred method):
Share the following link with your students and have them submit the online evaluation form. You will be notified when we receive an evaluation for you:

Via Mail:
If your student does not have online access he/she may fill out a paper evaluation form.
Please note that the correct instructor evaluation is a 2-page form. Please do not use the 1-page class evaluation form for this purpose. Students should fill out the instructor evaluation and place it in a sealed envelope to be returned to you, the instructor. Envelopes should have the signature of the student across the seal of the envelope. Please collect paper evaluations from your students and mail them all to NACSW at the same time. Please DO NOT have students mail them individually. Blank evaluation form is available for download on the NACSW Instructor Training Program Yahoo group. You will get an invite to that group after your first course segment is completed.


5. Training / Hours Log

What to log:
Approximately 75 hours total (adjustments can be requested for those working with shelters or other situations). Please keep track of all hours, and the education department will assess on a case-by-case basis. Hours should include:

o 30 hours as lead or co-instructor teaching hours (Must have teaching hours in all of the elements: Intro to NW, Odor, Vehicles, and Exteriors)

o 15 hours of any of the following: leading practice group, privates, assisting

30 hours of observation – workshops, camp, auditing classes

You may enter your data electronically in the Excel spreadsheet (available on the Instructors in Training Yahoo group), or manually on a hard copy of the same form (available as PDF) on the Yahoo Group. Hard copy forms should be scanned to PDF form. Upload your training log file to the Files section of your Instructor Portal, or copy and paste the training log text into the Training Log section of the Requirements Submissions tab. 

To submit via email, send your hours log to with the subject line:
Name, Hours Log (Example: Mary Smith, Hours Log)


6. ORT (Odor Recognition Test)

Prior to certification, program participants must pass an ORT with a dog they’ve personally trained and handled. Upon passing the ORT, update the ORT section of your Instructor Portal Requirements Submissions tab. Alternately, submit your ORT information to with the following subject line:
Name, ORT (Example: Mary Smith, ORT)

Please list the ORT date, host/location, results, and dog’s NACSW registration number.

Note: Approved professional detection certifications may be valid in lieu of passing an ORT (date, location, & type of certification should be noted). Please contact Jill Marie O’Brien at if you have a professional detection certification.


Please contact Jill Marie O’Brien at with any questions regarding the education program. All electronic submissions should be entered directly into your Instructor Portal, or via email to All hard copy submissions need to be mailed to NACSW, 17216 Saticoy Street, Suite 350, Van Nuys, CA 91406.