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We hope that this page provides some clarity on whom to email for what. When in doubt, email Ann Waterbury and she will get you to the team member that can help you.





Photo: Ann & Chai

Name: Ann Waterbury, CNWI, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB  

What I do: I am the Education Coordinator. In that role I procure, create and manage webinar programing for our instructor program. Additionally, I manage event CEU authorizations/approvals, which involves approving workshops and events for CEU’s along with keeping the public event calendar found at up to date. I strive to keep all of our wonderful K9 Nose Work® Instructors well informed about the latest news and policies, while ensuring a variety of educational opportunities to earn ceu’s. I also assist Jill Marie in preparing for Instructor Training courses and other official NACSW Education Division events. 

General Email:  

Requests for Workshop CEUs:

Workshop/Webinar Registration Questions:

Shelter Project Questions:

Where I live: Fox Island WA

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®? I adore teaching Intro to Nose Work classes. Somewhere in those first six weeks people begin to see how really amazing their dog is as a brilliant problem solver.




Photo: Kyoko and her late dog Luka, “the one that got her into nose work,” she says.

Name: Kyoko Johnson, CNWI

What I do:  Instructor system management, which includes being a liaison between Stefan the developer, Jill Marie O’Brien and the Education Division Team. One of my key tasks is working on instructor system technical issue resolution and helping troubleshoot other issues that arise.

Email: (or which Julie Riekes and Stefan Elvstad our systems developer also receive)

Where I Live: Waialua, Hawaii (island of Oahu)

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®? Watching how much the dogs enjoy doing it!




Photo: Julie and Amber

Julie Riekes, CNWI

What I do: Some of you that host trials may recognize me as one of the trial coordinators. The other hat I wear is that of CEU submissions coordinator. In addition to that education task, I respond to your questions regarding the instructor portal, resend PayPal invoices, and help with various other education projects that come up.  I am also on the task force that is re-writing the instructor manual.

CEU and Re-Certification-related Email:

All Other Education-related Email:

Where I live: Los Angeles, CA

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®:  The most fun for me right now in K9 Nose Work is the creative side of teaching.  Applying what I learn in the classes that I take from the founders and founding instructors and making it “my own” in my classes.




Photo: Natalie & Hazel

Name: Natalie McManus, CNWI

What I do: My mission is processing submissions for new instructors and answering questions from PNWI and ANWI as they go through the CNWI certification program.


Where I live: Troy (outside of St. Louis), MO

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®:  I just competed in my first Summit Trial last month and that was a BLAST. The new challenges were very exciting. I'm really looking forward to preparing for and participating in the next one!





Photo: Barbara & Cassie

Name: Barbara Schwerdt

What I do: Monitor mid-term and final exam scores and upload them to individual instructor portal. Serve on mid-term and final exam task force; create and administer exam. Field questions via email regarding SurveyMonkey exams. Serve on Continuing Education Committee developing CE courses and content for instructors. Teach 8-day Course with Founders.


Where I live: Studio City, CA (near Universal Studios!)

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®? Oh my gosh…so many great things happening in K9 Nose Work right now! I just finished presenting this past weekend my Tao of Nose Work; Strategies for Setting Hides two-day seminar which was tons of fun! This year I’ve been invited to judge more trials which is my favorite way to spend my time at trials when I’m not competing! And speaking of competing, it’s been a lot of fun developing my relationship with my 2nd nose work dog, Cassie, who recently earned her first NW3 on her first time out! We’re competing again this August and hope to earn her 2nd NW3 and then on our way to our 3rd, Elite, and Summit! I am also grateful to be part of the Education Committee where I get to work with up and coming CNWI as well as develop and provide Continuing Education for our current CNWI. It doesn’t get any better than this!




Photo: Silke & Snap

Name: Silke Wittig, CNWI

What I do:  I am focusing at the moment on the Instructor Manual Project. Along with the other task force members we have reviewed, updated content and are working with a professional writer to organize and update the material to better reflect where we are as a program now.

This is an extensive project as it involves re-writing and re-organizing the manual, getting other instructors and a technical writer involved in helping with specific segments, and meetings by phone and in person to discuss and review topics.  While it sounds pretty straight-forward, it is no small task!  So I hope the CNWIs will bear with us – it’s going to be an awesome new manual!!!


Where I live: Bloomsburg, PA

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®? We got a 4-year-old Pittie named Snap about 4 months ago, and I started him to K9 Nose Work® shortly after we got him, and we are having a lot of fun!  He is quite the hunter and has no environmental sensitivities, loves to ride in the car, is social, likes food and toys, so I think he’s going to be a superstar! Well, our dogs ALL are!



Photo: Terry and Piper

Name: Teresa Wilson

What I do: Instructor Program Inquiry responses


Where I live: Eugene OR

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®?  Watching dogs "get it" whenever a new problem is presented and they figure out how to solve it, and watching the handlers have their own "light bulb" moment.



Photo: Jill and her dog Raven.

Name: Jill Marie O’Brien, CPDT-KA, Co-Founder: National Association of Canine Scent Work® & K9 Nose Work®

What I do:  Oversee the education division. I organize and instruct new Instructor Certification Courses, NACSW-sponsored K9 Nose Work® Seminars and Workshops, and a variety of other education related tasks. Additionally, I judge NACSW trials and on rare occasion CO.


Where I Live: Los Angeles, CA better known as LALA land.

What is the most fun for me in K9 Nose Work®? The joy that so many dogs have when doing K9NW and the way their people learn from their dogs and what they are capable of. Seeing how a fun idea, with a class of 6 students is now a worldwide phenomenon. That is awe-inspiring to me. I feel immense gratitude to all the people that have trusted the NACSW with their dogs.





More info on Amy coming soon!