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Meet the Education Team

Terry WIlson

Terry Wilson was born in Sun Valley, Idaho and raised with Irish Setters. She moved to Oregon in the 1970s and acquired her first basset hound. Seven hounds later, Callie got her started in dog sports — obedience, rally, and field trials. Then Basset #8, FC Heirline Piper Cub (aka Piper) has taken me on even wider adventures — all of Callie’s sports plus coursing, nose work, and nose work camps.  Piper, overcoming the challenge of his handler, became the first basset ever to achieve an ELT-CH.

Because of Piper, Terry became a CNWI, and became more involved with NACSW™, both on the education side (responding to initial inquiries about the Instruction Certification program) and the trial side (doing draws, processing priority and additional draw requests, and processing ADA requests), as well as becoming a Score Room lead.

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