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Meet the Education Team

The Education Team consists of the Founders, the Education Division Staff, Faculty Instructors and Task Force members for various development projects.



Amy Herot, CPDT-KA


Jill Marie O’Brien, CPDT-KA

Education Division Staff

Julie Riekes, CNWI

Natalie McManus, CNWI

Terry Wilson, CNWI

Kyoko Johnson, CNWI

Steve Detata, CNWI

Education Planning Committee and Senior Faculty

Dana Zinn, CNWI

Kimberly Buchanan, CNWI

Leah Gangelhoff, CNWI

Barbara Schwerdt, CNWI

Ramona Audette, CNWI

CNWI Manual Task Force

Julie Riekes

Silke Wittig

Chris Mason

We are grateful to the instructors who contributed to the CNWI Task Force’s overhaul of the CNWI manual:
Teah Anders, Judy Archer-Dick, Carolyn Barney, Kimberly Buchanan, Linda Fletcher, Leah Gangelhoff, Chris Mason, Gail McCarthy, Julie Riekes, Barbara Schwerdt, Silke Wittig

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