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K9 Nose Work® Shelter Project


Shelter and rescue dogs often have unknown pasts that lead to unwanted, and sometimes unpredictable behavior. K9 Nose Work® offers a tailored workshop designed to address the special needs of these dogs. By engaging these once neglected and mistreated dogs in the activity of K9 Nose Work® you’ll bring real and positive change to their behavior.

Happy, confident, approachable dogs find safe, lifelong homes with caring people. K9 Nose Work® can help make the transition from shelter or rescue to permanent home, a positive experience.

For more information on hosting Shelter Project workshops, contact

The K9 Nose Work® shelter project is one that speaks to many nose work enthusiasts. From time to time, it feels right to freshen up the look and feel of the logo to better reflect the future ideals of the program. It is also good to be reminded of why many of us not only chose to work with dogs but chose to work with dogs that for one reason or another found themselves in shelters, with specialty rescue groups or are in a home but have special needs or unique challenges.

The dog featured in the new logo is Jill Marie O’Brien’s (Co-Founder of National Association of Canine Scent Work® & K9 Nose Work® dog Mary. She was a adopted from the Los Angeles East Valley Animal Shelter in 1986 and spent a life as a companion, educating young people on how to safely interact with dogs as well as helping to build the students’ appreciation for how important dogs are in our lives.

We hope you enjoy the new logo and that it brings awareness to the abundance of potential in our shelters and rescues just waiting for the opportunity to shine, and the value of K9 Nose Work® not just as a foundation for developing dogs for the sport of nose work, but as a valuable enrichment activity for dogs everywhere.

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