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Frequently Asked Questions for Instructor Program


A: The course consists of 8 class training days split into two course weekends, known as Segment one and Segment two. In addition to the class days participants will need to submit video of instruction, hours logs, and demonstration of practical experience as well as other course requirements. This is a comprehensive program designed to incorporate all the foundational principles of the K9 Nose Work® methodology to take dogs from the basics of independent hunting development through trial preparedness and beyond. 

Participants will have two years from day one of Segment one to finalize certification. 

A: During the pandemic, we switched the instructor course to an online format currently via the Zoom Platform. Unless otherwise noted all classes will be offered on-line.

A: The most important requirement to enter the course is a passion for learning from the dog, a commitment to and understanding of the concepts that are the backbone of the K9 Nose Work® training principals and a desire to become a sound instructor for both the human and dog student.

Having a basic understanding of the foundational components of K9 Nose Work® is recommended.

A: Please submit your request at the Instructor Course Contact Form. You will receive additional details about the course.  If, after reviewing them, you would like to be added to a wait list for the next course, there will be instructions in the details on how to do that.  You will also receive announcements via Constant Contact about future courses.

A: The course currently costs $2200 USD. This includes 8 days of course days and guidance through the certification process. The course fee must be paid in full at the time of registration in order to save your spot.

A: We don’t advertise our course dates publicly. We do announce them via Constant Contact to those who’ve inquired about our instructor course. To receive the announcements, please submit a request at the Instructor Course Contact Form. You may need to periodically check your spam folder, as announcements occasionally end up there.

A: The course runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time for each of the 8 course days.

A: Each weekend covers various aspects of the K9 Nose Work® program and general scent work understanding. Segment Two builds on Segment One. Exact curriculum timelines can vary from course to course.

A: Not at this time.

A: Six CEUs for each day of course attendance.


A: Yes, many CNWI℠ teach online nose work classes. You may search for “nose work course online” in a search engine. Instructors who are certified to teach the K9 Nose Work® methodology will have titles of CNWI℠ (certified nose work instructor℠) and ANWI℠ (associate nose work instructor℠).

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A: No, the course K9 Nose Work® Instructor Course (CNWI Course) will be in person or online unless otherwise noted prior to the start of the course.

There is a general requirement to participate with a personal dog in K9 Nose Work® classes offered by CNWI℠ (or ANWI℠/PNWI℠ if a CNWI℠ is not locally available). Many CNWI℠ offer online classes which are an option if no classes are accessible to you.

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A: We have alternative approved options for those who do not have access to NACSW℠ ORTs or if in Australia, ACSW ORTs.

A: We have an online seminar now available for those actively involved in the instructor program. 

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