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CURRENT WEBINARS - Available to General Public

The NACSW Odor Recognition Test (ORT) – More than Just a Box Search

– Barbara Schwerdt CNWI

ONGOING WEBINARS - Available to General Public as Recording

K9 Nose Work® and the Shelter Dog 2020

– Jill Marie O’Brien CNWI

PAST WEBINARS - Available to NACSW℠ Instructors only after live webinar date
(Please register in your portal)

Mindful Training for Peak Performance – A Mental Management Webinar
– Teah Anders and Heather Sumlin

Toy Reward 101: From Fundamentals to Implementation in Nose Work
Wendy Krehbiel CNWI

Senior Dogs: How to Improve Your Oldster’s Health and Longevity
– Chris Zink, DVM

Who’s Afraid of Heights?
Silke Wittig, CNWI

Introduction to Neuroscience for the Sport Dog
Kathy Murphy, BVetMed, DPhil, CVA, CLAS, MRCVS

Drive, Toys and the Nose Work Dog
Amy Herot, CNWI

Assessing and Developing Student/Dog Teams for Competition – Part 2
– Leah Gangelhoff CNWI

Get Your Dog Fit to Sniff!
Chris Zink DVM

Gotcha Covered: Strategies for Effective and Efficient Searches
Nancy Reyes CNWI

More Than Good Recommendations (Navigating the Human Side of Training/Consulting)
– Chris Pachel DVM DACVB CABC

Motivation, Behaviour and The Brain
– Simon Gadbois PhD

One Dog’s Path to the NW1 Title
Wendy Krehbiel CNWI

Scent Work: The Brain, Attention and Emotional Well-being
Kathy Murphy DVM

Right on Cue:  Cues, Routines and Markers and Their Role in Nose Work
– Wendy Krehbiel CNWI

Enhanced Education Weekend
– K9 Nose Work Co-Founders

Adjustments for Mixed Level Students in Your K9 Nose Work Classes
– Kimberly Buchanan CNWI

Toy Rewards and Play
– Jill Marie O’Brien CNWI

DISC Assessment
– Barbara Schwerdt CNWI

Assessing and Developing Student/Dog Teams for Competition – Part 1
– Leah Gangelhoff CNWI

Earth, Wind and Odor
– Lauralea Oliver CNWI

Handling is So Much More Than Handling the Leash
– Christina Bunn CNWI

Honoring the K9-Handler Team
– Barbara Schwerdt CNWI

Chris Zink DVM

Mouthing Off
– Sue Sternberg

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food – Parts 1 & 2
Bart Iaia DVM

Repetitive Drills
~ and ~
Source Not Odor – Parts 1 & 2
Gail McCarthy CNWI

Stress Matters: Impact of Fear and Anxiety on Learning

To Pair or Not to Pair…Pairing is Not Just For Wine
– Silke Wittig CNWI

Trial Smart: How to Help You and Your Students Enjoy Nose Work Competitions
Dorothy Turley CNWI

Chemistry of Odor
Lauryn DeGreef

Considerations for Successful Hide Placement
– Barbara Schwerdt CNWI

Improving Handler Performance Under Pressure: Mental Management Highlights
Teah Anders CNWI

Inspiration for the K9 Nose Work Classroom – Parts 1 & 2
Ann Waterbury & Leah Gangelhoff CNWIs

Looking At Your Class Through the Lens of Behavior
Sue Sternberg

Overview of Recent Research by US Navy with NACSW
Lauryn DeGreef

Stress and the K9 Nose Work® Dog
Ann Waterbury CNWI

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