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Meet the Instructors

Nancy Osborne, CNWI

Nancy got hooked on K9 Nose Work in the fall of 2010 while attending a presentation by Amy Herot and Jill Marie O’Brien at the APDT Conference in Atlanta. Inspired, she began teaching K9 Nose Work classes in 2011 and attended her first K9 Nose Work Camp in 2012. She became fully enthralled and now owns a business dedicated to Nose Work: K9 Nose Adventures, LLC, and is an ORT Certifying Official and Judge. She is also a NACSW trial CO and judge. Nancy teaches eleven weekly classes for​ ​nose work teams in all levels of competition.

Watching students discover the amazing scenting abilities of their dogs is one of the big rewards of teaching K9 Nose Work for Nancy, and she appreciates how the experience helps deepen the bond between each handler and dog. In addition to teaching classes, she works to bring the magic of Nose Work to the broader community, partnering with Triad SPCA and People & Paws 4 Hope organizations to introduce Nose Work to ​at-risk youth working with SPCA canine partners to help change the lives of both.

Nancy frequently hosts K9 Nose Work Trials and ORTs and workshops in North Carolina, and travels frequently to increase her knowledge base, attending camps and workshops across the US, including twelve ​K9 Nose Work camps in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado as a working team, logistics member, an auditor and camp instructor.

Nancy currently lives in North Carolina with her uber trial volunteer husband Walt, two cats, and three Labrador retrievers and a Norwich terrier who also compete in K9 Nose Work: Dugan currently competing in Summit, Billie in Elite, Sheldon in NW3, and Cate getting ready for NW1. Officially retired dogs over the rainbow – Bayleigh ELT3, and Quinn ELT3.

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