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Webinar: Drive, Toys and the Nose Work Dog


$45 for General Public including Lapsed NACSW Instructors and those who have registered for an instructor course but have not yet attended Segment 1

(NOTE: If you are an active instructor, please register through the instructor portal (see instructions below) rather than through this webform.)

INSTRUCTOR: Amy Herot, NACSW and K9 Nose Work® Co-Founder

Length:  120 Minutes

WHERE: Virtual Lecture Hall via recorded Zoom event. Link will be sent upon receipt of payment.

CEUs:  3 units for current CNWI.

MODERATOR/COMMENTATOR: Jill Marie O’Brien, Co-Founder NACSW & K9 Nose Work®

Webinar Description:

February 17, 2022

This webinar (with a bonus day exclusive to NACSW instructors) takes a close look at the motivational development of the K9NW dog and cultivation of toy reward dogs in K9 Nose Work.

The first half of the webinar will emphasize drive building and examines the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the K9NW dog. To effectively harness the dog’s natural ability, the dog’s K9NW foundation needs to nurture key instinctive responses in the dog’s search experience. As the dog develops these natural tendencies, the handler must be aware of maintaining and understanding the balance of control and drive in the work. Learning to identify the traits and hallmarks of natural drive will help the handler set the right pace for the dog’s experience.

The second part of the webinar will focus specifically on starting toy reward dogs in K9NW and the process and steps needed from the first session with a toy reward through their readiness to introduce odor. This segment is geared towards dogs who are already showing a lot of toy interest but will include information on evaluating whether the dog is a toy reward candidate.

February 24, 2022 (this day is exclusive to NACSW Instructors)

This bonus day is exclusive for NACSW instructors and delves deeper into the process for working with toy reward dogs and what the foundation looks like and how it may be a bit different than some of the steps for a food reward dog. Included are exercises and evaluation tools for foundation work that are also applicable at any time in the dog’s K9NW career.



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