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Webinar: Source Not Odor Part 1 of 2



$40 for General Public
(this includes those who have registered for an instructor course but have not yet attended Segment 1)

$30 for CNWI, ANWI, PNWI
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DATE: Monday November 9th, 2020
TIME: 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific Time


If your dog searches and searches and has a difficult time locating “source,” then this “Source Not Odor” webinar may give you information to help address that issue. If your dog searches for the source but demands to be paid while still many inches away from source, then this webinar also may be of help. And, if your dog searches for source, but then “walks” the source or even gives up before locating source, then this webinar may help you address that issue. Gail has found that many of these problems as well as others are caused by the dog not understanding “where” on the scent continuum your dog is to tell you about. It is not about “odor,” but rather it is “source” that we want him to tell us about. Sometimes the dog has difficulty understanding what it is that we want him to do. This webinar will help clarify where we want our dog to make his two decisions, thereby improving your dog’s accuracy in locating a hide. Another plus is that the information in this webinar may help to empower your dog in his searching and may help build drive and willingness in your dog to go to source.

Part 2 of the webinar will further clarify what the dog should tell you about and helps build duration and accuracy into the find-behavior by giving the handlers training exercises that help the dog develop better odor obedience and commitment to scent source.

CEUs: 3 for CNWI

This webinar will be available to CNWI/ANWI/PNWI as a recorded event after the live date.

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NOTE: If you are an active instructor, please register through the instructor portal (see instructions below) rather than through this webform.




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