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National Association of Canine Scent Work

CNWI Request for Extension or "On Hiatus" status

Please use this form to request a hardship extension to your CNWI status or to request a status hiatus. Hardships can include, financial, medical, and family. Both an extension or hiatus are granted for a limited time. It is our goal to work with each individual to maintain their CNWI status. We realize that from time to time life demands can place unexpected challenges on our instructors and we want to minimize stress where and when we can. If your hiatus will be for an extended period of time or you leave the program and then would like to rejoin, additional requirements may be requested to bring you back into good standing.  Please reach out to us as soon as possible when you know there will be an interruption in maintaining your CNWI status.

A hardship includes, but may not be limited to: illness/injury for yourself or immediate family (spouse, child, grand-child, parent) in which you are a primary caregiver, financial hardship or death in the family.

If your re-certification date has passed and/or you feel that you will not have the required CEUs by the deadline, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we are able to work with you to help maintain your active CNWI status.




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