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Webinar: Toy Reward 101 – From Fundamentals to Implementation in Nose Work


$40 for General Public **

** includes Lapsed NACSW Instructors and those who have registered for an instructor course but have not yet attended Segment 1

$30 for NACSW Instructors (CNWI/ANWI/PNWI) in active status


DATE/TIMEMarch 2, 2024 / 9:00-11:00am Pacific Time

Do you have a dog who loves to play with toys? Or are you an instructor who may have students whose dogs love toys? This webinar will discuss using toys in training starting with the fundamentals and progressing to using toys as a reward in nose work.

Utilizing play is a great tool to help build excitement, engagement and drive with a dog. You can utilize toys as a reward for basic obedience behaviors, life skills, tricks, and for many dog sports including nose work. Play is a great way to bring out the prey drive in a dog which can create additional intensity and a sense of urgency in their searching.

The following will be addressed in the webinar:

  • Why might you want to do toy reward?
  • How to determine if using a toy as a reward might be right for your dog?
  • How to select a toy and determine how to use it as a reward
  • Troubleshoot issues with toy reward – i.e. dogs who don’t bring the toy back or won’t let go
  • How to do drive building exercises and build impulse control with a toy
  • How to start a dog on primary using a toy
  • How to utilize a toy for a dog already searching for odor



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Wendy Krehbiel is the owner of Tell a Tail Dog Training and offers K9 Nose Work classes in Livermore, CA.

Prior to starting her career in dog training in 2002, she earned her Computer Science degree at Michigan State University and worked as a software engineer until 2001.

Wendy got involved in K9 Nose Work in 2009. She started teaching nose work classes at that time and also became involved behind the scenes with NACSW. She helped grow NACSW from its first California trials into an organization with trial opportunities around the country. She also helped grow NACSW’s Certifying Official Training Program and was an approved Certifying Official until the end of 2022. She became the NACSW Trial Director and served in that role until the end of 2022. She has now transitioned to a Special Projects with the organization and will be prioritizing teaching K9 Nose Work classes at Tell a Tail and spending more time with her own dogs and family moving forward.

Wendy currently lives with Mica, her 12 year old rescue Golden Retriever, Coal, an 8 year old Border Collie, and Carbon, a 5 year old Border Collie. Mica earned a NW3 title and is now enjoying retirement hanging out with her dad. Both Coal and Carbon are actively competing in agility. Coal has earned his ELT2 title and Carbon has earned his NW3 Elite title.

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